Alex Saab to Óscar López Rivera: "Thank you for your life and for your support".

Oscar López Rivera

Jul 26, 2022

Alex Saab News

Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab was able to respond this Tuesday to a letter sent in February of this year by former Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, noting that "it has been a real honor" to learn of his empathy and support.

In February, Lopez Rivera sent a missive to the diplomat kidnapped by the United States (U.S.) Government in solidarity with him and his family. "From my own experience, I can understand the pain of Camilla Fabri Saab, wife of Alex Saab. I can empathize with the suffering of her children who have not seen their father for almost two years," the activist said at the time.

In response to this support, the Special Envoy of the Venezuelan Government to Iran said that "your struggle, your endurance and your companionship are an inspiration, without a doubt you are a hero", he affirmed. Saab points out in the text that there are decisions that for many are not logical, "but we take them because they are the right and just ones".

The Venezuelan diplomat asserts that "silence cannot become treason, consenting to the actions of those who abuse (...) gives them power over our future and that of our children and makes us indirect accomplices of their actions, by allowing them to harm others".

He ended his letter with a message of encouragement, stressing that "we cannot give up, surrender is not an option, the empire believes that by torturing us, they break us and humiliate us, but the heart of a warrior is not lost, what better example of this than Oscar Lopez Rivera". The Free Alex Saab movement is promoting the letter program so that the people of Venezuela and the world express their solidarity with the Ambassador.

You can read the letters here:

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