In Carabobo, Venezuela they raised their voices for the freedom of Alex Saab.

Free Alex Saab Movement led by Camilla Fabri

Mar 24, 2022

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On Thursday, social and political movements in the state of Carabobo expressed their support for the struggle for the freedom of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab at a forum held in the state capital, which was attended by Camilla Fabri, wife of the Venezuelan Special Envoy.

"We want to fill you Camilla with this encouragement so that you know that you are not alone in this transition because we are aware that what Alex did was a patriotic task," said Vanessa Machado, who is a first combatant of the Libertador municipality in Carabobo state.

Diana Caicedo, wife of the former mayor of Naguanagua, expressed her support for the Saab family and their struggle for the freedom of the Venezuelan Special Envoy, who is being held hostage in the United States.

"I want you to know that you can count on us to keep up the fight and trust in God that soon your husband will be home, and that things will work out and he will be able to share with his children," she said.

In the activity, which was attended by representatives of various women's movements in the Carabobo state, the delegate of the Ombudsman's Office in this territory highlighted the work carried out by the Venezuelan diplomat to confront the US blockade.

"From the Ombudsman's Office, we can only tell you that we are hand in hand with you Camilla, with your husband, with your family, with the people who accompany you, with the Venezuelan family. The perseverance of this man (Alex Saab) is a bulwark because not every person is able to carry out such a task regardless of the consequences," he said.

We will win this battle

For her part, Camilla Fabri Saab thanked the women of Venezuela for their support and said that they have been a source of strength to keep up the struggle.

"There are many women who for different reasons fight against injustice, who fight against unilateral US coercive measures and I want to thank all these women because they are the ones who give me strength with their struggle and their solidarity," she said, while highlighting the perseverance of the women who make up the Free Alex Saab Movement.

"I want to thank all the women in the Movement who have not stopped fighting since the first day," she said and affirmed that "there are more of us every day and I am more sure than ever that we are going to win this battle.

US punishes aid to Venezuelan people

For his part, the Secretary of Productive Economy and Tourism of the government of Carabobo, emphasised the support of the people of this entity, who, he assured, are aware of the work carried out by Alex Saab in favour of the people.

"The blockade, who are they doing it against? Against the people because they hate the people, they have finally demonstrated their hatred against the people and that is why Alex Saab, with that social sensitivity and with that love, stood up to help President Nicolás Maduro and to serve this Homeland," he stressed.

Meanwhile, lawyer Indhriana Parada reiterated her denunciation of the illegality that has marked the case against the Venezuelan diplomat.

"There is no explanation to say why so much injustice against Alex Saab", he emphasised and recalled that "the whim of the US wanted to exercise all its revenge against Alex Saab because in the hardest and most difficult moments for Venezuela he was one of the men who came to the call of President Nicolás Maduro to overcome the inhuman and cruel blockade".

This event is in addition to those held in the country to explain to the Venezuelan people the illegality of the actions taken by the United States against the Venezuelan Special Envoy, actions that have been gaining support for his freedom both nationally and internationally.

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