Free Alex Saab Movement present at the Workers' Summit in Tijuana

Free Alex Saab at the Workers' Summit

Jun 11, 2022

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From the Workers' Summit taking place in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, in which more than 40 social organisations and trade unions from the north and south of the continent participated, the slogan Free Alex Saab!

The secretary of the vice-presidency of the Working Class of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Nelson Herrera, called for the release of the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, who has been held hostage for 237 days in the United States (USA).

Herrera warned that the US empire will continue to suffocate the economy of the peoples and will look for ways to attack if governments take measures to circumvent the "sanctions" that threaten the right to food and health, as was the case in Venezuela, "that is why it is necessary to unite the efforts of the working class".

"The best example is that of Alex Saab, the unilateral coercive measures made him a hero because in that period when nobody wanted to sell food to the Venezuelan people, the comrade with his business acumen together with President Nicolás Maduro created a strategy to guarantee food for more than six million Venezuelan families".

He also stressed that it is necessary to maintain a working agenda and draw up joint strategies. The regional event, which began on Friday 10th, will have two days of debate, and its objective is to combat the violence exercised by US and Canadian imperialism against all Americans.

Workers' Summit will combat violence by "US imperialism".


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