Statement on the political persecution of Camilla Fabri Saab

Camilla Fabri Saab

Apr 10, 2022

Alex Saab News

The #FreeAlexSaab movement rejects once again the new escalation of political persecution by the Italian government, through the use of Lawfare, against Camilla Fabri Saab and her family by arresting innocent people who have done nothing but work honestly all their lives according to the norms of that country.


The Italian government uses the justice system by manipulating it to prosecute its citizens at the request of the US government, thus violating its own sovereignty at the whim of a foreign country. Paradoxically, however, it uses the same justice system to protect a criminal requested by the Venezuelan government to be charged with damages to national patrimony.


These proceedings in Italy against Camilla Fabri Saab and her family are communicated on the same day that the defence of her husband, Alex Saab, presented oral arguments in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of Georgia for the recognition of his diplomatic immunity as Special Envoy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The same day also on which Judge Robert Scola of the Southern District of Florida discloses documents that attempt to feed the false matrix of opinion that Alex Saab is a collaborator of the DEA and the FBI.

Camilla Fabri Saab

These actions are not separate, they are part of an international conspiracy against Venezuela, its people and Alex Saab as an official of its Foreign Service. Thus, apart from the inappropriateness of the legal proceedings against Camilla Fabri Saab and her family in Italy, a storm of Fake news was unleashed in the related countries, false news that breaks the minimum criteria of journalism that requires, by trade, to go to the source to verify the facts.


We also reject the act of xenophobia and segregation against Venezuelan men and women that is hinted at in Italy's accusation, as the investigation is based on a suspicion of money laundering for the mere fact of receiving funds from Venezuela.


Let us recall that before his appointment as a diplomat, Alex Saab was a Venezuelan state contractor for the construction of housing for the most vulnerable population, which yesterday, by the way, reached the milestone of 4 million homes delivered.


We want to reaffirm a concrete fact that is the basis of this conspiracy against Venezuela in the person of Alex Saab and now his wife and family: the government of Venezuela has full rights to find mechanisms and establish agreements with any nation that allows it access to medicines and food for the population. Above all, for the most vulnerable population, which is the main victim of the more than 500 unilateral coercive measures that the government of the United States of America is implementing against Venezuela. Feeding a people is not a crime.


We therefore express our deepest solidarity and support to Camilla Fabri Saab and her family for the violation of their human, civil and family rights. From Venezuela we will take all necessary actions to continue to denounce and reject these illegal and interfering actions.


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