Workers of the Americas united against interference

Jun 10, 2022

Free Alex Saab Events

The Workers' Summit of the Americas will begin on Friday 10 June in Tijuana, Mexico, where more than 40 social organisations, movements and trade unions from the north and south of the continent will participate.

This summit, twinned with the People's Summit held in Los Angeles, USA, aims to "combat the violence" exercised by "US and Canadian imperialism" against all Americans.

The official website points out that the world is witnessing "a process of recolonisation of our peoples, expressed in the disproportionate growth of racism, poverty, unemployment and job insecurity, the environmental deterioration of territories, gender and cultural violence, and the criminalisation of migration".

Organisation and themes

The conferences in Tijuana will bring together labour organisations from Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Honduras and the United States, as well as official delegates from progressive governments in the region.

"All pacifist and anti-imperialist groups north of the Rio Grande are invited to join our coalition," the invitation to the event states.

The impact of the so-called economic sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, imposed by the United States and the European Union, will be discussed.

They will address growing poverty; unemployment and job insecurity; violence against trade unionists and social activists; gender, sexual and cultural diversity; structural racism and violence against indigenous, native and Afro-descendant peoples; and the criminalisation of migration.

How to join

You can watch the Workers' Summit of the Americas via Zoom by following this link from 13:00 on Friday 10 June.

You can also log in and receive more information from the official website:

Workers' Summit of the Americas

Participants at the Workers' Summit

For Mexico: Movimiento Magisterial Popular Veracruzano, Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de Educación de Baja California (CNTE - BC), Movimiento Social por la Tierra (MST), Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE) de Baja California, Sindicato Independiente Nacional Democrático de Jornaleros Agrícolas (SINDJA), Partido del Trabajo de México, Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas.

For Venezuela: Federación Bolivariana de Trabajadores del Transporte - Sectores Afines y Conexos (FBTTT), La Central Bolivariana Socialista de Trabajadores (CBST), Federación Nacional de Trabajadores del Sector Público (FENTRASEP), Fundación Free Alex Saab, Fundación Latinoamericana por los Derechos Humanos (FUNDALATIN) , Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora (CRBZ), La Plataforma de la Clase Obrera Antiimperialista (PCOA).

For the USAand Canada: Alliance for Global Justice, Task Force on the Americas, International Action Center, Chicago ALBA Solidarity, All-African People's Revolutionary Party - GC, United National Antiwar Coalition, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice, Frente Hugo Chavez para la Defensa de los Pueblos - Canada, International Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal, Committee to Stop FBI Repression, Samidoun NY/NJ, Sanctions Kill Coalition, Revolutionary Force, Anticonquista, Union del Barrio, Troika Kollective, NLG International, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Black Lives Matter - OKC, Boston School Bus Drivers Union - Local 8751, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Interfaith Foundation for Community Organizing (IFCO), Centro CSO (Community Service Organization).

For Central America and the Caribbean: Coalición Conferencia Internacional de Normalización Estados Unidos-Cuba, Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), Red de Solidaridad de Honduras (HSN), Amigos de la ATC Nicaragua, Movimiento Haitiano por la Libertad, la Igualdad y la Fraternidad (MOLEGHAF).


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