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Al R Suarez book The Diplomat II

Sep 20, 2022

Alex Saab News

" this imperial chess game, which the empire is losing,

Saab has been one of its victims..."

Alex Suarez

Desde Florida, lugar del secuestro de Alex Saab, nos llegan noticias acerca de la publicación de The Diplomat, nuevo libro en solidaridad con el diplomático venezolano escrito por el activista Alex Suárez, traductor y escritor bilingüe. La publicación está disponible en inglés y español.

The book, in the form of a chronicle, narrates the moment in which he decided to join the struggle for the release of Venezuela's special envoy to Iran, just when he was participating in activities calling for the release of Julian Assange and Saab was still in his first kidnapping in Cape Verde.

Suarez explains how, when he learned the details of the case, he got involved without hesitation, becoming the only activist to attend the arraignment in court under Judge Robert Scola as a member of the public.

An emotional book

The text does not skimp on emotions ranging from indignation when interviewing journalists from private media, admiration in conversations with Puerto Rican activist and former U.S. political prisoner Óscar López Rivera, to tenderness when he meets Camilla Fabri, wife of the diplomat and from whose hands he received the book of letters since his kidnapping.

“La historia de Alex Saab es tanto una historia política o legal como una historia de amor”, escribe Suárez en un libro dividido en capítulos independientes, donde además se establecen paralelismos entre las luchas de Assange y Alex Saab, víctimas del imperialismo estadounidense.

This work joins other expressions of solidarity such as the documentary "Alex Saab a kidnapped diplomat" and "Letters from Alex Saab since his kidnapping", works that leave documents for future generations who want to know about the most serious violation of the Vienna Convention and international law known.

One of the most moving paragraphs narrates the presence of Suarez in the audience, we copy it as a conclusion that is at the same time an invitation to read the whole book.

Before the hearing begins, I approach Saab's side and notice two security guards and ask them if I can ask his lawyer a question. They ask me who I am and I say I am a supporter of the defendant. Then they tell me to go back to the wall all the way down the hall, that I am not allowed to ask a question. Later, when a journalist does the same, they say that independent people can ask a question to the lawyers, but not to Saab. Is this legal, is this not cruel, that they will not let Saab see me, the only supporter present in the audience.

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