Who we are

The case of Alex Saab, the Venezuelan diplomat kidnapped by the United States using its power to interfere in other countries such as Cape Verde, has few precedents in the history of international relations and political dialogue between nations. If we add to this the flagrant violation of his human rights, and the use of his person as a key element of the lawfare against Venezuela following the unilateral coercive measures, wrongly called sanctions, we have the most blatant imperialist pretension of the US government to take over international criminal jurisdiction and the domination of the free peoples of the world.

The Free Alex Saab Movement has a group of comrades from the areas of communication, law, political science, international studies, mobilization and sociology; as well as students, entire families and retirees who work daily as volunteers to follow up on the case and say with propriety before all possible scenarios that Alex Saab is innocent and we have evidence to prove it.

Free Alex Saab Movement

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