Latin American and Caribbean Confederation joins campaign for release of diplomat Alex Saab

Free Alex Saab

Sep 15, 2022

Alex Saab News

The president of the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of State Workers (Clate), Julio Fuentes, expressed his support on Thursday for the release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been kidnapped by the U.S. for more than two years.

Fuentes pointed out that "imperial arrogance" must be rejected "in all its aspects. The men and women who want to live in democracy, who want to live where the sovereignty of the peoples is respected, must join in the liberation of the Latin American diplomat".

The trade union organization, with more than five million members in 19 countries, brings together state workers from Latin American nations, "with full respect for the entities affiliated to it, being in charge of setting and executing at the Latin American level, the global and coordinated policy for the promotion of state workers".

"As members of the Latin American working class, the public servants of the continent express their firm revolutionary attitude towards capitalism and any other form of foreign tutelage or pressure; they point out their firm hope for a free, independent and democratic Latin America; and they affirm that only a serious process of Latin American integration is needed," the Confederation emphasizes on its website.

Likewise, they emphasize that "with effective participation of the workers, it will allow the countries to achieve true political self-determination, real international personalization and fundamentally, authentic economic independence, the only effective means to defeat underdevelopment, isolation, dependence and misery of our peoples.


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