Alex Saab

Letters from Alex Saab

During 2022 the Free Alex Saab Movement collected letters from the Venezuelan people to send to Alex Saab at the US sequester site.

As a token of his gratitude, Alex responds one by one to the letters received. In the gallery you can find each one with its response. This is love.

The task has not been easy. Isolation is part of the psychological torture to which Alex Saab is subjected. For this reason, some letters he can answer by hand, other answers he dictates to his lawyers during the legal visit so that they can print them and then sign them.

The constant review seeks to isolate him from a people anxious to greet him, but they will not succeed.

Envía una carta a Alex Saab

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Solidaridad con Alex Saab sigue activa

Solidaridad con Alex Saab sigue activa

“Hoy seguimos en la lucha por Saab, preso en el imperio, sin ningún derecho ni ley que lo proteja, un inocente que fue en la búsqueda de la alimentación de nuestra patria.”

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