Alex Saab: I remain unafraid to be happy

Flavia Rodriguez

Aug 4, 2022

Alex Saab News

The Venezuelan diplomat kidnapped in the United States, Álex Saab, responded in recent days to a letter sent by the Brazilian humanist and member of the Free Álex Saab Brazil Movement, Flavia Rodríguez, in which she expresses her support and solidarity, in the hope that he will be released very soon.

Saab expressed his gratitude for the support of the movement from Rio de Janeiro, indicating that "the oppressive empire will always want to impose itself and try to harm the integrity and rights of nations".

"We must never be silent. What is worrying is not the perversity of the wicked, but the indifference of the good. We must build walls, but not like Trump's, but walls that contain the avalanche of fear that seeks to paralyze us from continuing our struggle," he said.

For his part, Rodriguez commented in the letter sent to the diplomat that in Brazil they experienced a case of Lawfare with former President Lula da Silva, unjustly imprisoned for 580 days, to whom he also sent a letter in the hope that justice would be done.

"It is impossible to think of you and not be filled with hope, that justice will no longer be delayed. I am immersed in a sea of emotions as I write this letter. I am part of the #FreeAlexSaabBrasil movement, which denounces your kidnapping and fights for your immediate freedom. You saved the lives of thousands of Venezuelans and it was not in vain," Rodriguez narrated.

To this message, Saab reiterated his solidarity with his fellow diplomat, Freddy Meregote, as well as with all the fighters who have defended the Venezuelan embassy in Brazil, whom he described as heroes.

"You are true heroes. Resist. In two months President Lula will be back in power and this nightmare for them will be over," he said.

He also sent his respects and affection to presidential candidate Lula da Silva, describing him as a "great man and an example for the whole world.

Likewise, he assured that the empire intended to commit genocide in Venezuela, but they managed to prevent it, and stated that he will undoubtedly visit Brazil as soon as he regains his freedom.

"I am sure that, with the help of God, my family, my government headed by our President Nicolas Maduro and the support of all of you, I will be home soon. I remain unafraid to be happy.



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