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Jan 16, 2022

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Three months ago, the United States decided to jeopardise world diplomacy. Three months ago, since the US government illegally and unjustly extracted Alex Saab without having closed a trial in Cape Verde, tortured a patriotic and Bolivarian diplomat to no avail, and held an innocent man in violation of his human rights.

In the United States, they are racing against the clock against their own laws as a case against Alex Saab, an innocent man, remains unfinished. They are trying to buy time in the hope that the psycho-terror will have an effect. Three months ago they thought they would receive the lies they are looking for to continue with a perverse persecution against a dignified people.

Three months of absolute courage and strength, three months in an unsustainable diplomatic absurdity.

Today, 16 January 2022, we would like to thank the social organisations that have already united in one voice to denounce this outrage. We want to call on the social organisations of the world that are not yet aware of the case to know about it, to denounce together an outrage that seeks to fragment the foundations of peace and understanding between countries.

We invite the citizens, the peoples of the world who have been victims of the abuses of the empire, those who suffer in their own flesh the blockade, the lies, the accusations for the political decisions of each individual; we invite those who defend their right to speak from their own voice, those who unfortunately have known the prisons of the empire, the peoples tired of being used by the United States, those who will defend their sovereignty in the electoral ballot boxes this year and those who with their teeth, day by day, do not let themselves be left behind.

We call on you to remember that on 16 October, the United States took off its mask and kidnapped Alex, a naturalised Venezuelan diplomat duly accredited by the legitimate authorities of Venezuela and recognised by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Comrades, the empire is always looking for ways to continue to decide for us and we have been winning, we will continue to win.

Caracas, 16 January 2022.


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